The Bug





We are spending more of our time indoors than ever before.

As a result, we are missing out on the beneficial health effects of spending time outside.

This chair offers rotatable features and provides the user, and the user’s computer,

from unwelcoming sunlight, weather and wind.

The production is handmade in Gävle, Sweden, through the company of Lovisa of Sweden.

The Bug

is a piece of furniture that is adapted to perform office and computer work outdoors.

The chair is rotatable and

protects you and your

computer from the unwelcome sunlight, weather and wind.

It also provides a form of shielding.



The Bug is protected by EU design no 005806551

“Spending time outdoors provides us with fresh air and vitamin-D. It can increase people’s well-being and creativity and reduce sedentary and stress. It may also increase the possibility of meaningfulness and enjoyment at work, and in life in general.”

Why we have chosen to work with Swedish wood

Film av Adam Bengtsson




The Bug can rotate 360 ​​degrees, which allows the user to decide for themselves whether to sit in the sun and work or if they like sun protection. You can also turn away from disturbing sound. Thanks to the ribs in the chair being inclined, both light rays and sound waves are broken, which means that voices or other sounds are attenuated.

Denna stol är ett resultat av ett examensarbete av Lovisa Pettersson tillsammans med Frida Pettersson

Vi har använt oss av beprövad designmetodik och enkäter, intervjuer, observationer och fältstudier styrker vår process och vårt resultat

Designed and handmade in Sweden





Inspirationen till formspråket i stolen kommer från Tordyveln. Tordyveln ansågs i svensk folktro vara en lyckobärare och man trodde att arbete skulle gå extra bra och underlättas om årets första tordyvel kom fort flygande (Schön, 2004). Det skyddar skalbaggen likt vår stol skyddar den som sitter i den.

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The Bug

Protected by EU design no 005806551