Sustainability is close to our hearts

Lovisa of Sweden has always worked on the basis from a sustainable perspective.

ECOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES such as raw materials, production and packaging to logistics and transport.

SOCIAL ASPECTS such as design with focus on the user, accessibility, health and well-being.

ECONOMIC ASPECTS where manufacture must take place.


The Bug is powder coated for the least possible environmental impact. It is safe for those who carry out the work of powder coating and it does not release any chemicals in nature either during painting or use.


We value that our design maintains an environmentally-friendly production and product as far as possible. As a result, the chair consists of pine from Swedish forests which is heat-treated instead of impregnated with chemicals. The heat treatment means that you can throw the pine on the compost when it is used up. It also has a longer service life than an impregnated wood.

The company that delivers the pine wood is Heatwood and is located in Hudiksvall. The impregnation Thermowood has a completely organic product.

Staying outdoors provides fresh air and vitamin D, which increases human creativity and productivity.


We are facing a global challenge. Health and well-being are debated like never before and the physical and mental stress that today's connected society brings results in more people becoming ill with mental illness and stress-related illnesses. In more recent time, mental illness has increased amongst young people who mainly spend their time indoors. In Sweden, about 35,000 people are signed off from work due to severe stress. Insomnia, tiredness and anxiety are the main problems and many people find it difficult to recover. You get recovery by staying in restorative environments, such as outdoor stays and nature experiences. The Bug contributes to a sustainable working life.

"We can’t afford to wait, we must go out and stay in our nature to learn to respect it and value it if we want a planet to live on in fifty years."

UN Environmental Goals "Agenda 2030"

-which aims to achieve a sustainable world based on

17 different sustainability goals


Lovisa of Sweden works actively towards the goals.