"We can’t afford to wait. We have to stay in our nature to learn to respect and value it, if we want to live on this planet in the future"

Swedish heat-treated pine

The Bug consists of pine from Swedish certified forests and is heat-treated with Thermowood instead of impregnated with chemicals.

This makes the finishing product completely organic. 

Heat-treated wood has a longer life cycle.

The delivery company are located in Hudiksvall, North Sweden.


Steel is a material that can be recycled over and over again.


We are useing Swedish, recycled steel as much as possible.

Powder coated and zerozinc

The Bug is powder coated because it has the least possible environmental impact. It´s safe for the people who work with the product and it doesn´t release any chemicals in the nature during painting or being used.

The primer ZeroZinc is zinc free and absent of VOC's

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We got noticed by Jernkontoret (the Swedish iron and steel producers' association) for our work with substainability.
Lovisas interview starts at 4.46 in the video.